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Default Scheduling function

As I was thinking about this ... I was wondering about a scheduler that would allow me to queue up all my requests and then attach it to a time range that could be done in daily (M,T,W,H,F,S,Su), or weekly/weekend schedule.

Less mud explanation follows:

I load up 4 gig of stuff I want to download from some site. I know that I can only download these things from 1am til 5am (this is just an example) daily. I decide to attach the queue to a daily schedule which says Download from 1am-5am on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays.

Now what happens you say?

The scheduler kicks off and starts the downloads at 1am on Monday. It arrives at 5am and it notices that there are still things in my queue. As the current file finishes downloading, the system leaves a pointer to the next file (say file a12) in my queue and logs off. On Wednesday at 1am it continues on with that next file (a12) and goes again until 5am. Again it notices I didn't finish and it closes up on file a25. On Friday at 1am, YOU GUESSED IT!, it starts up with file a26 and keeps going...

ad nauseum.

Anyone think this is a good or bad idea?

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