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Default Schedule Functions

Hi all,

I have been thinking about a new feature within FFXP which I think may help out some users a little more with scheduling.

With my ISP they allocate data for the month and this is divided into two blocks, peak and off peak.

My suggestion is that while you are able to set schedules for anytime to stop and start, disconnect and so on, I think it would be a big plus to be able to save an peak/off peak schedule so it can just be setup, selected and run at your lesiure.

So you could have a peak schedule for say 7.00am to 12.00pm and then a 12.00pm to 7.0am schedule and just choose between the two each day... This would save havingt to enter the same data over and over again (yes I am a little lazy).

I was also thinking if you can save the schedules then they could be quickly accessed by a drop down menu similar to the one used for "On transfer complete".

Let me know if this gets some approval within the dev team...

Thanks again for a top program...

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