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Originally posted by x-dream
This was done at the same time
not an accurate way of measuring, becuase ufxp might be more 'network aggressive' so to say...
Well you can only count seconds in one way and 18 sec is far better than 42 sec
ufxp and ffxp can start counting seconds from different can start counting from the moment you pressed 'GO' button or start counting from the moment PORT command is issued or from the moment SORT command is issued or from the moment 1st byte is received. on a very slow server those differences can add up. it doesn't look like it's the case in your example but still something to keep in mind...
i'd say that ufxp is just more aggressive when it's fighting for it's bandwidth. try doing those tests one at a time and/or monitor connection speed with external application such as RAS Graph & Stats or any other similar application.
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