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Default Problem viewing drives on Networks for upload

* FlashFXP v 3.0, build 1015, unregistered
* Operating System: Window XP Professional w/ Service Pack 1
* Running behind NAT/router: Yes, but unsure what kind
* Running firewall: Yes, but unsure what kind
* Running Antivirus: No
* Network: T1

Problem: When i go to view my user file at school, it will not display my "H:\" drive, or any other drive on our schools network. The only drives it allows me to view are the standard A (Floppy), C (Hard Drive), V(Hard Drive Partition), and D (DVD-ROM). The rest of the drives are on the network, and the network was up and working fine. When i clicked on any other drive in FlashFXP, it would flash nothing and go back to the last drive open. It would not show me any files from drives G,H, I, J, R, and X. When I decided to use a old version of FlashFXP (2.0), it displayed the drives just fine. Now when i am at school I have to install the old version for me to upload fiels from those drives.

Also the about file in 2.0, build 903 told me that my product was "unregistsrhd". Thought u might like to know.
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