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Default FlashFXP Configuration Folders

Currently using FlashFXP 1015 (but also the same under build 1022)

I managed to workaround a problem that I had and was originally going to report, and noticed that the reason is as follows: When you install FlashFXP and are prompted with "Where do you want to store FlashFXP's settings and user files?", by using the option "User's Application Data Folder", any value you place in the "Start in:" parameter of the FlashFXP Windows shortcut is ignored.

This effectively means that FlashFXP is forced to look for the user's settings in the local user folder, even if they are stored elsewhere.

This does not happen when "Custom Data Folder" is chosen, but then of course, each user would have to share the default folder unless otherwise specified within the FlashFXP Windows shortcut.

What I am looking for is for FlashFXP to default to the "User's Application Data Folder", but via the optional use of the "Start in:" parameter, this folder can be changed for certain users.
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