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Default Navigating - local view

Since when in "Local View", clicking the path dropdown menu doesn't show a directory/path history (the way it does when connected to a remote location), it'd be really nice to have "back" and "forward" buttons available when browsing local directories, preferably with connected drop-down history menus (Ã la Explorer -- not sure what those sorts of buttons are called, the compound ones with a button & also a drop-down menu with it). Even just simple arrows, without any history drop-down, would help.

There are plenty of times when I'm browsing a site, selecting items for download, and I want the downloaded items to go into various directories depending on what they are. Sometimes these directories are on different partitions or drives, and it sucks to have to keep navigating back and forth between two different local directories in order to queue various items. This happens particularly when dealing with dated directories (on the server side), each containing various file types -- I don't want to have to keep switching back and forth as I'm queueing the files, but the alternative is to go through each remote directory multiple times, once for each catagory of file that I want to download.
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