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Default Thank you for the reply,Fixed,more below,

After you mentioned it they were both set local,the left wasn,t ftp,da !! I should have figured out,but I got a good link the other night and flipped when I couldn't pull anything down,Thanks again all,now I know where to come for any advice or problems,or just visit and chat.Thanks again...
I have a seperate question,I've been wanting for years to set up an ftp,server,I guess is what you would call it,by using my older PIII 450MHZ,Now what do I need in way of software and what do I need hardware wise,I also have broadband currently going to both through a router,which I am using as a firewall at moment,want to link the 2 together so I can share,and move files around.Have several drives in each rig.Thats been a problem,I don't know how,and I also want to use the old rig as ftp server to share pictures of family and friends(wink,wink).I know,2 questions at once,once I get going I can't stop.any solutions,links,advice would be helpful,and again,Thank You MidKnight for taking the time to answer my question...
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