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Unhappy update / link did not work to get new registration # for paid version since 2002

Ok i did the update and clicked the link and it did not work to get new registration #.
So i forget when i bought flashfxp in 2002 may - what email address i used and then yall did not have register and log in thing, but email. So i can't email yall for info or problems, just log in here and type everything.
I think this is all the mess.
Questions are:
1. what email address did i use in 2002
2. how do i get the new registration number?
I thought there where free updates when u purchase.

Plus the prgram i installed over the old one - registration info not there - there was a file in flashfxp\backup called flashfxp.key = copied it and made it .txt - just a bunch of numbers and letters.
Do i email yall that?
Email it to where?

Also if and when i get a registration number where does it go?
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