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I've set up to this port range full access (TCP, both directions). When I disable the Firewall, then it works fine.
I took a look at the packet protocol of the firewall to check, which requests were blocked. The requests within the port range don't have been blocked, but I found one blocked request of the FTP-Server I tried to connect. This was the connection on Port 500x, so I'm sure it's the data connection for the LIST-command. Is there a special port range for LIST?

Any ideas what to do? Normally I use PASSIVE without prolems, but some FTP-server don't allow passive, therefor I need the ACTIVE-session too :-/

I saw, that different FTP-server always used ports of 5001++, so I allowed access for this range and it works now fine. I don't know, why the FTP-server don't uses the given port range
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