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Default Version 3.0 Key...


a friend and I, have requested the 3.0 key, we go ind and type in our e-mail, and it says... within a few minutes you will recive an e-mail with your key... so I check my mail... it's not full... but it's not there... so I go... oh well, their servers is problery overloadet or something... so I wait and hour, and check again... so I check up with my friend, and see if he has gotten his, and he requested his a long time before I did mine... but no mail...

I don't wanna sound like a ***** or anything... but how long do we have to wait??? I mean... I really like FlashFXP... and 3.0 has got some nice feat. but if I have to wait 30 secs every time I open it cuz my old key dosen't work... I'll start using the ftp build into windows... ftp> open <user@iport>

//Danny Staub
Denmark, Grenaa
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