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Default Few Suggestions

Suggestion: A global option for enabling/disabling the FEAT command like there is for most of the other site options.

Behavior: When using the drop down list to jump back to a previously accessed location on a site, when you click the specified location the drop down list will stay expanded until flashfxp has finished navigating to the correct directory. This is kind of annoying, especially if the site you are using is bogged down or running slowly at the time. Could this be reworked back to the way it was where the drop down list would disappear and change the text instantly?

Suggestion: An option to enable/disable the use of colors when using/opening (by double clicking) the extended status window. I often do this, as it is easier to navigate when i wish to quickly jump back and check something, as apposed to scrolling the small status window. However, the window seems to be deleyed when opening, i assume due to the routine used to format it correctly with coloring etc.

Bug: Not the bug report section, but since im already posting may as well put it in the same post i guess. In the Edit Custom Commands dialog, the help tab is no longer greyed out (although you can not type in it) and is blank (the help information is not there). I'm not sure if this is a bug, that it is not loading the information to the tab, or (since i noticed the info is in the ffxp help file) that it is intended. If intentional the tab is now useless and should probably be removed altogether. (though i think having the help right there while your writing custom commands is more efficient)

Umm, i guess thats all for now, had something else but can not remember right now heh.
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