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Originally posted by bigstar
The installer on the customer portal is the full version and not the update installer.

While it's ok to use this installer you need to make sure you use the exact same settings as your previous installation if you don't it may not find your previous settings.

The best and recommended way to update is to download the Update installer as explained in my previous post.

By entering your serial number into your user profile we are able to determine who is registered and we try to give them priority support over unregistered users. No one will see your serial number. When you post a message it will state "FlashFXP Registered User" or "Unregistered"
Thanks for the followup and explaining the serial thingy.

I feel I missed one thing. After downloading the update installer within FlashFXP, where will the installer be stored? Also will the installer be automatically removed after updating FlashFXP is completed? I really dont want to have lots of files clustered here and there in dirs such as Temp...
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