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Originally posted by MHJ
Well thanx that my previous addition to the reported bug as far as i concerned it is one has not been answered anymore.

Why you offer support if you don't give any?
Even after taking your additional information into consideration. I still can't reproduce the problem and no one else can confirm your problem. There really isn't much more I can do.

Assuming you are using the exact same settings as v2.1 everything should work exactly the same. You could install v2.1 and compare the results. The results may lead to a difference between v3.0 and v2.1 that I am not aware of.

BTW this is a community support forum, In most cases you will see users helping users. If you need real support contact

This specific thread relates to a beta update of v3.0. When I replied to your post I attempted to determine if the changes that were made in this specific release caused your problem. Your reply was less than helpful. Obviously If you don't know whether 1022 caused your problems you should revert back to v3.0 1015 which is a stable release. If you have problems with 1015 you should post your bug report in the appropriate location.
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