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emuexplosion: bigstar was talking about the exact build number. If you don't know what build you're using, it's written in the status window when you start FlashFXP and in the Help > About dialog box.
Then you can try to upgrade to v3.0.1 build 1030.
From the changelog
FlashFXP v3.0.1 Build 1022 - 08/17/2004
FIX: Resolved bug that prevented accessing network drives under some configurations. (i.e. novell network shares)
MHJ: Are you sure you haven't set site-specific 'file exists' settings. The site specific settings are used instead of the global (default) ones if they exist. To check site-specific settings:
- go into the site manager, select the site, go to the 'Options' tab, click the 'File Exists Options' button.
- login to the site and select the 'File Exists Rules' option in the 'Options' menu.
PS: I doubt such behaviour will help you to get more support in the future (just my 2 cents).
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