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Default Logging with multiple instances of FFXP


I apologize if this has been brought before. As the decision is final that FFXP will not have MDI-like GUI, meaning we have to launch 10 FFXP for 10 simulteneous transfers. How does the logging will work for all the instances?

Will only one get it, or will it overwritten with others? If yes, how can we seperate these?


* FlashFXP v[3].[0], build [1021], [x]registered,
* OS [x] WinXP,
* Running behind NAT/router [x] Yes & Model [Linksys],
* Running firewall [x] Yes, Name [Kerio Personal Firewall], Ver. [4.016 ],
* Running Antivirus [x] No
* Network [x] xDSL,
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