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I have two questions regarding the same issue.

* FlashFXP v[3].[0], build [1021 ], [x]registered,
* OS [x] WinXP,
* Running behind NAT/router [x] Yes & Model [Linksys WRT-G],
* Running firewall [ ] Yes, Name [], Ver. [],
* Running Antivirus [x] No
* Network [x] xDSL,

1) When a site has gone offline (due to dynamic IP change, or reboots, etc), FlashFXP will actually say 'connected' then after a while retry attempt.

If my understanding is correct, when FlashFXP write 'connected' does it mean it has connected to FTP server socket and completed three way TCP handshake?

It should be just 'Connecting' and due to the site is not available, it will retry.

2) On Build 1015 and 1021. Occasionally, I couldn't connect to an FTP server from FlashFXP, and I can do it from 'FTP' command from MS-DOS on the same time. The strange thing, after a while (30 mins or more), it'll connect by itself. I set retry attempt to 9999 and delay 31 seconds.

So it looks like flashfxp issue, as at the same time, normal ftp connection can be made through plain-vanilla FTP command.

Any has seen this before?
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