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Default again speeds capped (proper info this time)

SP2 is final and reputable final.
built in firewall disabled.
no firewire modem NO HD..

FlashFXP v3.0 build [1015 ], (registered,)
* OS WinXP,
* Running behind NAT/router=(NO)
* Running firewall [yes ] Name [Zone Alarm Pro ], Ver. [ ]
* Running Antivirus [Yes ] Name [Norton Anti Virus 2004 ]
* Network [Cable]

I have 3.0 final build 1015,, Windows XP Pro SP2

I have 3 mbit connection, since installing SP2 flash now gets 180k MAX TO SERVERS where as before it got 330 +

any reason for this? i did speed checks on computer everything is fine.
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