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Default Passive design

Sorry but I still miss the advantages of the 'passive' policy for settings (sauf for the busy programmer).

"(...) when you change options in one instance of FlashFXP opening the preferences in another seperate instance would now show those changed value. "
...aaand tells you wrong things about the options of this other instance who now tells you I'm transfer ascii when it is transfer binary. May I say this sounds buggy. (even if it's this way by design)

"Changes made within one instance will not be updated in any other open instance and a restart would be required. "
...Changes in one instance are pertinent to that instance and maybe (if marked as default) for all new instances via the .ini file.

I'll say passive options are passive enough

Nevertheless my aim is to passivate my posts from now, thank you for your passive audience / patience!

Should these comments qualify myself for the Suggestion of the Week's prize of a free registration code ?
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