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Default Is it Bug? No it is not that's by Design... Buggy Design?

Well let's talk about SaveOnExit=1 at .ini ,

It works, we have different Sessions with different options available and these are consistent with the Options menus info.
Note that by default this is also possible, for example ASCII in one window and Binary in the other but the Options Preferences Transfer menu shows only the value for last one selected .

But this new behaviour (not by default) has his own problems as the last window closed becomes master of preferences for new sessions.

Then I suggest the folowing:

A check Box (unmarked by default) near the OK button at Preferences (maybe also at Skip List) with the following text: 'Make Default' and driving the program to save or not to save at .ini file. (And forget the SaveOnExit variable)

BuGGy Desings can be adressed the Patchy way

Should these comments qualify myself for the Suggestion of the Week's prize of a free registration code
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