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Default Bugs/Sugg for v1.4.2 (Build 830) NewSession Options / Schedule Clock

First Congratulations I'm a happy user on day 10 of 30 days evaluation period. And I succesfully downloaded 5+GB on my first 4 days, from wich I took the following experiences.

I've detected a not-so-desirable behaviour of New Sessions and it's Options|Preferences.

I tried it in particular with Options|Preferences|Transfer|Mode and Options|Skip List. In the last New session Window open, I changed these parameters, then all previous windows were affected, provoking unwanted effects in rest of pending queues.

I believe that if you allow New Sessions, each one has to have its own Preferences (inherited by default off course from it' s Father's Process or Default properties (tbe) -this sounds like class inheritance and so-)

Another less important little bug may be the clock appering in the Tools|Schedule it's a twelve hour clock may it be a 24h one, or at least show the am pm suffix or just better be adjusted to the default windows format for each user and location.

Should these comments qualify myself for the Suggestion of the Week's prize of a free registration code
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