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I disagree with your first statement. Part of the decision process for introducing new features is based on the demand for those features. If there were little or no demand, you wouldn't implement it. We obviously have an interest in making sure you are fully aware of the demand so you don't write it off as an unneeded feature.

As for WinSCP, FileZilla and the various other graphical SFTP clients I have found, not a single damned one of them supports bookmarks at all, let alone the ability to save local and remote folders in a single bookmark like FlashFXP has. That is infuriating, as I've got one server with many sites hosted on the same server and many foolders buried deep within those sites that I access nearly every day. I have to have a fast way to access those folders. No program other than FlashFXP offers that, which is why I bought FlashFXP in the first place.
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