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Sorry, I sent that on the way out the door for lunch and didn't have time to dig through the search. Even if I had done that, I probably would have posted this message anyway, as you guys do not seem to have actually acted on any of those previous requests and it's obvious that there's been a fair amount of demand for it for quite some time.

With more and most hosts ditching FTP because the FTP server programmers can't be bothered to fix their farking security holes, we need an alternative for SCP/SFTP that works as well as FlashFXP does for FTP. It's all about file transfer, so it only seems logical to integrate the two, even if SCP/SFTP aren't directly FTP related.

No one else has done this to my knowledge, so there's probably a whole new market FlashFXP could break into. One thing is gauranteed, though - not doing so will end up costing FlashFXP customers in the future.
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