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Lightbulb What I found in FlashSFV

Perhpas its important that I explain this is on a VM of Win7 64bit, I was trying to generate/calculate the MD5 values of some files, in options checked "add create to explorer folder right click menu"

Then I proceeded click new and opens two explorer like panes, browsing to a mounted drive is painfully slow (nothing any other programs struggles with) to the point of saying FlashSFV not responding, eventually 5 minutes later, it loaded the folder I kept these files and other files in and right click and calculate hung again for another long long while.

I had time to open a browser > search for md5 sfv sha calculators> go through quite a few downlands and testing on other generate the md5 and go back to see its still (not responding).

Apart from that it worked great having a little MD5 of the files and hashes..


  • I would rather calculate the value of files directly and not from a folder that unless I want to calculate the hash for all the content have to create yet another folder holding the files I do want to have hashes for.
  • Perhaps it would be a nice idea to include other hashes like sha256 or other sha flavours.
  • Some drag and drop would have been even better, but to be fair none of the other programs I tested while waiting, supported drag and drop.
  • Some message saying something to effect that it has processed/calculated the md5 or whatever, after the hanging and whatnot I didnt know it had succeeded until I looked in drive.
  • Simpler interface slightly more responsive.

Nice shout though it could have been rather simpler program and more complete. I give it 2.5 stars if it didnt hang would have been another point, something like what I ended up testing and keeping
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