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i been keeping my eyes and using flashsfv from time to time, however i really like hksfv as it works like a scene sfv checker! However hksfv doesnt work well with the newer windows like flashsfv does and i was curious to know if you plan to add the features! If u do the best of hksfv and best of flashsfv would hands down make it the best sfv checker availble! examples of features i talk of!

hkSFV 2.0.1 (Build 84) 10.30.2002 and best overall SFV if worked well with windows 7
However if u add these features with the already exclusive features flashSFV would be the power house!

file then preferences
General Tab
Recursive creation/checking

Checking Tab
Automatically find renames when set is incomplete
Rename bad files -> .bad
Create .missing file markers
Cleanup bad/missing
Delete failed files
Renaming to lowercase

Creating Tab
Exclude files of type:
.sfv;.par;.md5;.nfo;.m3u;.pls;.jpg;.jpeg;.gif;.avi ;.divx;.mpg;.mpeg;.ini;.bad;.missing

Find renamed filenames
use cached results

hide good
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