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Hello everyone ..

If you allow me to make some clarifications regarding some comments on this thread.

SmartFTP does NOT violate any FTP server "compatibilities" as some of you have asserted. I think there's something else what is broken.

SmartFTP is trying to decode the listing the best way possible. I'm trying not to sound arrogant, but in my opinion SmartFTP is doing a very good job on this.

I did test the listing from "bigstar" with our decoding engine and it has been decoded correctly without any spaces in the file names as you might except. To give you a small hint, it should be clear that the first two dirs "." and ".." cannot have leading spaces. Due of this insight you can properly decode the rest of the listing.

I don't say the FTP listings decoder of SmartFTP cannot be fooled with some human generated listings nor is it perfect, it's just doing its job :-)

My 2c.

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