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Exclamation If you implement this feature you will be the best FTP Client ever!


Today I use FlashFXP for most of my work (cause its my absolute favorite!) but sumetimes I have to use SmartFTP!

You ask why?

Very easy! FlashFXP don´t recognise Folders with spaces as first charackter and also no space only folders!
I have a firma running a public accesseble ftp and some kiddys like to create folders with lots of spaces on it! So if I access my Server with Flash I normaly don´t recognise them! But Smart show them up!

Please implement in the next FlashFXP Version that the Program also show up Space Folders and Spaces as first charackters in a Folder!

Thanks alot

Your great fan StarBuG

Sorry for spelling I´m german and do my best
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