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Default Old bug that havent been fixed yet

I remember i posted this bug in the V2.1 forum.
I cant find the post when i searched, but ill explain my problem again.

The FlashFxp menus are going behind flashfxp, which causes flashfxp to freeze.
It is hard to explain but say you start flashfxp and press F6 (settings) then if you click on the main flashfxp window the settings menu goes behind flashfxp.
This however doesnt happen when i open the site manager menu or the backup/restore but on the rest it does happen such as quick connect, filters, file assoc.... and so on.

I have isolated the problem that i am using JT tray minimizer (which can minimize all window to the systemtray under one icon.)
Can be found here

The JT tray program works good with all other apps ive tried altough some has the same problem as ffxp.

Would be very happy if you could fix this bigstar. Ive been having this problem for almost a year now.

Using WinXP pro SP1 all updates
FlashFxp 1015
JT tray minimize 2.4
Think that covers it.
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