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Default selective Transfer more selective :-)

here's the problem i want some folders to be skipped and some not to be skipped so i make the following mask for example

*project* and add it as include. names before and after can change but its not to my knowledge how they are called specifically therefor i use the *. now i have one called specifically 1.2 project 04, which i dont need or already have downloaded and moved to another place on my PC, how can i exclude this because i dont want it to be downloaded again? because if i add this to the list and click exclude all others which i need are excluded as well?
according to the help file i cant use 2 lists at one time even when i use it with commandline so i'm kinda stuck here. i would be nice to specify for every entry whether it should be included or excluded.

thx for any help and appologies if this is possible and i just cant read properly
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