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The local browser is required to select the destination of files being downloaded. Noone has ever suggested it should be removed until now.
The local browser is not required. One can drag files from explorer.exe, which is precisely what tens of thousands of users typically do with FileZilla.

The toolbar perhaps, but unlikely. Most/all people use it.
If people have requested it, can this be added?

"My Computer" is decretive and represents the collection of all your sites.
"Quick Connect" is the parent of your Quick Connect history, which are temporarily stored sites. It exists so you can move sites from your Quick Connect history into your real Sites list.
"FlashFXP Sites" is the parent of your Sites list, which are all the sites you have perminently saved to FlashFXP. Thus, the name.

These will not change or become changable.
Why? It's a legitamate question.

If you truly want to build a powerful FTP client, giving the user ultimate control over such items is paramount. Why dismiss it without regard?

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