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Default FlashFXP 3.0 Final (Incredible annoyance)

I can't believe no one has suggested this! I searched with no luck.

Version is 3.0 Build 1015.

I use to use FileZilla but FlashFXP handles queues and large amounts of files much better. Plus, it has a few features I appreciate.

There are some drawbacks to the program that I can't believe exist!

DEVELOPER: Can you respond whether you think these are code-worthy features?

Here's the list:

1.) Allow us to remove the local browser. I can't believe we're not able to remove it.

2.) Allow us to remove the top toolbar (*completely*). Remove the entire toolbar, not just a few buttons

3.) ANNOYING: What's with this "My Computer" "QuickConnect" and "FlashFXP" folder poop? I can't edit or delete any of it? Can you allow us to completely edit/delete/rename as the user wishes? FileZilla gives us such an option and I'm sure it's something a lot of people would like.

Please let me know what you think. Good work so far.
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