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Angry Something is REALLY wrong updated to 1015! :(

I Have (have allways had) two instalations of FlashFXP in ->

Updated to latest from 1010 to 1015 in C:\Important\backupSF\FlashFXP_For_Work first and after I Updated C:\Important\backupSF\FlashFXP.

Witch ever I start now it will use skiplist, cue and all other settings, I cant have diffrent settingsat all anymore, and it doesent matter if I move one of them to another dir and start from there, they will act equal/same !

Cant have that, use one private and one for worls so need to have it as it was before, 100% diffrent settings, what do I do ?

+ after moveing the dirs around and tested from diffrent disk, and allways had to input the key for FlashFXP again and again, now the key is invalid, whats wrong with thisd update ?

Need help ASAP!!!

Regards MaistroX
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