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Originally posted by bigstar
You can do this, take a closer look at the command line section of the help file.
well i cant, here's what happened:

i tried starting flash from command line by just typing FLASHFXP.EXE, which didnt work then i tried it like this e:\eigene dateien\FXP\FLASHFXP.EXE just for testing, but windows said FLASHFXP.EXE not been found, be sure u typed it correctly blah blah blah,
then i tried e:\eigene dateien\FXP\flashfxp.exe without anything else and it worked. so i uninstalled Flash and deleted all registry keys i found with regedit which had flashfxp.exe in them, restarted my PC and did a full reinstall of the final v3 but that didnt change a thing. so am i missing here something?
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