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Unhappy File overwrite issue

* FlashFXP v[3].[0], build [1014], [X]registered, [ ]unregistered, [ ]pirated
* OS [X] WinXP, [ ] Win2K, [ ] Win98, [ ] WinME, [ ] Other
* Running behind NAT/router [ ] Yes & Model [ ], [X] No, [ ] Not sure
* Running firewall [ ] Yes, Name [ ], Ver. [ ], or [X] No
* Running Antivirus [X] Yes, Name [Norton] or [ ] No
* Network [ ] xDSL, [ ] CABLE, [ ] Dail-Up, [X] Other

When using the context menu (right-click) option "Rename File" in an FTP session connected to a SUN server and choosing a name of a file that already exists on the server (in effect, issuing the move command), strange behavior is occuring. The rename command is not overwriting the correct file, it is choosing another filename within the same directory and overwriting it even though that is not the name I entered. I am attaching the flashfxp.log file. The filename I entered in the rename command was "smi_ap_import.txt" and the log file shows it overwriting "src_import.txt" which is what actually occured on my system.

This all worked fine on FlashFXP 2.x.
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