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Lightbulb local to local transfer

i know that this can sound weird, but:

i'd love to use flashfxp to do local to local transfers. I don't think this is difficult to implement.
The file copy in windows sucks, it doesn't have any queue or list to manage, so if i have a file that's in use, i can't copy it but neither resume the failed copy operation o retry later the single file.
It happens that i have to copy lots of dirs to network folders (to backup) or to removable media (maybe slow one).
I'd love to arrange a queue (maybe i can save the list also). And with the option to update file only if it's newer it would be a nice alternative to MS Briefcase that i just don't like.

I was going to code my own solution, when i found that flashfxp is perfect... but the local to local transfer is just disabled.

What do you think?

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