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Default 1014 still fails to install

ok time is running out now for upgrade so I will give as much info as I can to try and help solve the issue

problem - flashfxp says no previous version of flashfxp v3 found when running the installer.

when it start happening - both build 1013 and 1014 have the problem.

current flashfxp version - 1011, expires 31 july

OS - Windows XP SP2 build 2149, all updates
AV - mcaffee 7.1 pro auto protect disabled
Firewall - kerio personal firewall v2
was previous flashfxp v3 installed with installer - yes to all builds except 1011 which was just the exe file.
installed dir - i:/program files/flashfxp
registered version - yes

I hope this is enough to help you diagnose, I am hoping if we get to the last day and no solution we at least just get the new exe file like you sometimes do so we can upgrade. I will check back here often incase you need more info.
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