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Default Some bugs in b1014 i found

As i wrote in This Post the error is still there.

When going to import sites and choose Text file type 2 it says see helpfile for details.
But it doesnt exist anything about that subject there.

When uninstalling flashfxp doesnt clear all the registry information it added if youve installed flashfxp in another dir then "FlashFXP".

The icon for parent dir dissapered again when i uninstall, and did a fresh new install of flashfxp (in another dir then the previous one) old one was FlashFXPV3, new one is FlashFXP.
Although i fixed it by editing the registry by myself in FlashFXP_PIcon.

And i am being suspicious if my debug version is a debug.
Should it create a debug.log first time i run flashfxp.exe even if flashfxp havent had any errors yet?
That was the case with the old debug builds.

WinXP pro, SP2RC2
all updates
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