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Default folder size not workin properly

Hi, i have enabled the feature where dir sizes are shown as well as file sizes, now here's the problem
i fxp a 300 MB file which is inside a dir, the transfer breaks up and then resumes, after the file is finished the dir size still shows 98MB which is where the fxp broke up, and doesnt show its current size of 300 MB. Now i dont know who's actual fault it is, the server is running on win2k using raidenftpd, i asked in the raiden forum as well, and they told me to reload the page, but that didnt solve the problem, and i didnt get any additional answers or solutions. the only thing that did finally solve it was to move those folders to a new location, after that the sizes where shown correctly. So is it possible that the reload doesnt include updating dir sizes only moving them?
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