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Default Selective Transfer Problem

hi, here's the problem:

i have an incoming folder and in it there are lots of different dirs and files in it, in order to use selective transfer i add "Incoming" to the folder list as well as those i really want to get, for example "*Project A*".

then i queue the Incoming folder and start transfer, flashfxp cd's into Incoming and transfers the correct folders according to the rules but also every single file in Incoming/ because i cant add them to the selective transfer list simply because i dont know their names, and if i add *.* in the file filter, it wouldnt transfer the files i need in the folders that are needed as well

so the only way out of this would be not to queue Incoming but go inside incoming and select them myself and then selective Transfer wouldnt make any sense anymore.

Another reason for using Incoming as the start queue is my hope for using flashfxp in windows scheduler like Linkster described in This Thread Post #4. or is it possible to make a queue file with an Incoming/*.* option?
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