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Default Resume/Replace Existing files using FlashFXP version 2.1 build (920.)

I am currently running an unregistered copy of FlashFXP version 2.1 build (920) on Windows XP. I also run an anti-virus program and behind a router but these are not factors in my current problem. I usually queue around 100 files at a time and after clicking transfer I am asked by a dialog box if I would like to resume or replace existing files. This usually happens since I am trying to make sure that I haven't missed anything from that particular folder. Anway, my question is how can I set-up FlashFXP to automatically resume existing files that are smaller than the ones on the server and to skip files that are complete and I already have on my hard drive? I realize you can simply click your selection when the dialog box pops up or there is some sort of timer also. However, I usually don't remain at the the computer and would like to be able to have FlashFXP do this automatically without input from me.

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