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Default About new update : build 1013

after being alerted about this new version by flash fxp tonight, i install the version 1013.

First of all, the update pack wans't able to find my flash fxp version because i have installed it in c:\program files\flash fxp 3 instead of standard directory.

Maybe you can give the possibility to the user to indicate the location of flash fxp installation ?


FlashFXP v3.0 build 1013 [PUBLIC PREVIEW] RC 4
Online support forums
This preview release will expire on July 31, 2004

we are 23 of july so i suppose i will have to change again my flash fxp version in 1 week.

Finally, during the install, on the first screen, it's written build 1012 but it's just a detail.

edit : i have notice since flash fxp 3.0, my connection is satured when i download files, for exemple, it becomes harder to visit web pages because all my bandwith is used.
With version 2, this doesn't happens. (but, i agree, the download is more efficient with v 3.0)
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