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Lightbulb Better options to decide ASCII or binary mode

if you find mistakes in this post, you may keep them. I'm from Germany and 14 years old, so you don't have to point out.

At the moment I'm sitting on my father's computer which FlashFXP isn't installed on (grammar? ) so I'm not able do describe the way how to get (or come?) to FlashFXP's options. But somewhere there you can define which files related to their extensions should be transferred in ASCII or binary mode. Nice, I entered *.php. But my project structure says that every file which gets included ends to .inc:
to_include.gif => (binary)
to_include.jpg => (binary)
to_include.php => (ASCII)
And that's the problem: The extension always is .inc.
Is it possible to make a second input field where you can enter extensions which should be ignored, and instead of them their "sub-extensions" whould be parsed?

I hope my message is plain,
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