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Default wierd problem?please help

Well there was a server,that i had connected and download. one day i went there again but the server was down. Anyways i thought it was shut down by someone, but after 3months i connected again! by mistake. Well everything was normal except that the server said You need to have passive mode disable to connect. So i disable passive mode. It goes bla bla connection accepted password correct etc. until it goes to list. There it sais listing directory and i wait there for like 5min until it sais data socked connection lost or Socks: request rejected or failed. I tell this to my friends and 3 of 4 connected normally PLEASE Help SOMebody...

I'm running FlashFXP v3 (build 1010 RC) unregistered
My OS is WinXp
I have zone alarm and panda security firewall on my pc
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