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Originally posted by DYN_DaTa
Waste a couple of minutes of your time searching on this forum for 'Linux requests, 'Linux ports', etc ... take a look also at mIRC forum and you'll see that, apparently, Linux FTP/IRC clients suck.
XChat and irssi are very nice IRC clients, and I use axyftp as an ftp client in linux...

Alot of people that use linux, are still into windows, and can't give up the windows portion... hence the huge demand for wineX and wine, and maybe even crossover office.

there are tons of things, you've just got to look for them...

just becuase a software is on linux doesn't mean it must be open source...
I'm aware of this, but in order for the port to happen, the FlashFXP source code would have to be released to the developer that wanted to port it. Or, they could do the illegal thing of reverse-engineering it, but then again, that's illegal...
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