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Originally posted by DYN_DaTa
I can't give an opinion about Wine cause i don't use Linux (but soon i'll move to Fedora, it's a Distro that seems interesting .

There's one thing about the Windows programs that people periodically ask to be ported to Linux. Linux community has created nice pieces of code and awesome programs (GUI interfaces, kernel changes, network scanners, superb network code, etc ...). Hey, there're like thousands of packages that come with any decent Distro (Debian, Mandrake, Red Hat, etc ...), but people still ask to port to Linux programs like FlashFXP or mIRC (the best and most used FTP/IRC clients on Windows).

My humble opinion on this subject is that Linux hackers/coders should invest their time working on such requested programs instead adding packages, on every Distro update, that one or two persons will use (take a look for example at 'orphan Debian packages', packages that don't have an owner/mantainer and probably will be forgotten on a couple of months).

Wouldn't be more productive to code such programs on Linux instead requesting the *same* thing every two weeks on mIRC and FlashFXP forums, and getting the same answer?
Well, only one problem with that is, FlashFXP is closed source, and there is no way they're going to allow for a port to Linux...

Secondly, Fedora isn't an exciting or interesting distro, it's just redhat, with more "unproduction" quality code...bah

Try out gentoo, gentoo is a nice little linux distro, and you'll learn a ton using it!

I don't exactly see why everyone would want FlashFXP ported to linux anyhow, considering the vast majority of decent FTP programs already in existance for linux...
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