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Default Flash FXP disconnects from XBOX when i put a disc in the drive

Hello, i'm in a bit of a bind.

I'm running FlashFXP v2.1 (build 924) thats unregistered
My X-Box is running EvolutionX V+3921
My OS is WinXp
No firewall on my pc ethernet card
Pc running Norton Antivirus

If i have my X-box turned on (with either the disc drive open or empty) and it's on the EvolutionX screen, FlashFXP has no trouble connecting.

The problem is that when i start an EvoX Appliction or insert a disc FlashFXP disconnects instantly.

I've looked at tutorials and other documents on the net and this doesn't seem to be normal.

Has anyone got/had this problem, or know what the solution is?
Many Thanks,

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