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Originally posted by Guest
I took of the DMZ, but it just killed my Internet Connection. Completely. I couldn't connect to any sites with it off, and the error message changed to:
Unable to resolve host:
I guess I have to be on DMZ. If your out of ideas completely, no problem, I'll just fiddle with the router abit more and see if I can get it working.
you probably need to modify your DNS server addresses..they should be either ip of your router or ip of dns servers of you ISP.
i'd suggest you look at your sister's computer settings and make adjustments to yours to be of similar config
Seriously though, I don't worry about trojans and stuff, I've done fine so far, hope it continues in the future.
you should...hoping to be lucky isn't the way to go..if not for firewall i would strongly recommend having an antivirus.
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