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Re: Enhancement suggestions

quote:Originally posted by johnfxp
Please consider these enhancement suggestions for FlashFXP:

1) Command-line interface support for automation
purposes. Mainly, I'd like to upload a file to my web
host and overwrite what is there automatically. Right
now it's manual because I have to login, upload, say
OK to overwrite, and logout (I *could* stay connected
for extended periods, but it's not good etiquette).

already possible by creating and save desired file in a queue file
Not exactly. I still get prompted whether to overwrite the file and this does not seem to be override-able on a case by case basis. Also, command-line support does not exist.

quote:5) I ran into a performance problem once where I had
4-5 60MB .exe's in a directory in the local view and
FXP's view to the files was somehow forcing a scan by
my antivirus software which was extremely slow. It
would be nice if FXP didn't open the EXE's (I assume
it must be) so as not to trigger antivirus on-demand

that's problem with your antivirus, not flashfxp.
My antivirus software is doing its job when it scans the EXE files before allowing them to be opened. Obviously, this takes time with large files. FlashFXP should not have to open the EXE files (to get version#, I don't know - what is it doing?) while browsing directories. Whatever the reason the EXE files are being open()ed, this should be an option or should be removed.
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