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Hi, I would like to contribute because I am having the same excruciatingly poor performance as Ryguy786. My setup is as follows:
(from internet side of things) :
comcast cable modem, DHCP, controlled by ISP
comcast Cable modem , on LAN port
netgear firewall router, on WAN port
netgear firewall router, on LAN side - serving DHCP and as default gateway.
LAN port 1 - xbox at IP configured from DHCP server
LAN port 2 - my PC, configured from DHCP - running XPSP2 with all updates.
LAN port 3 - File server/ Domain server, assigned the DHCP address by static entry in netgear router table.

All network communications work fine with the one exception of the transfer rate between the xbox and the PC. the reason I am doing this file transfer is even legitimate, I had to borrow someone elses' xbox dvd drive because mine died, and I replaced it with the help of a mod chip, with a less expensive drive but unfortunately the retail game dvd's wont play in that drive... so I am stuck with all night transfers just like Ryguy786.

please advise or ask if there is any more info you need to help diagnose this problem. I am fairly familiar with networking tools etc. just not FlashFXP.

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