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Originally posted by Ryguy786
OK I just hooked my xbox straight to comp through ethernet (I only have one ethernet plugin in the back of my pc, so I my cable modem was not hooked up and running) And it says no link.

I hook the xbox straight to the Cable modem, I get an ip, try to connect, but it wont connect. (Note, there was then nothing plugged into the back of the PC)

So the only thing that is letting me connect is Xbox to hub, Pc to Hub, Cable modem to uplink of Hub.

So I dont know if I hooked them up wrong or my system is messed up.
You just said two very different things. The one that stands out specifically is "I hook the xbox straight to the Cable modem." If your modem is plugged into your xbox, then I don't know how you can hope to attempt to transfer files.
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