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Originally posted by MxxCon
ok, let's start over.
there is no internet connection sharing feature in win98, it's only in winxp.

start from the simplest config
connect your pc directly to your xbox without any hubs or routers or modems.
try transfering files.
if you still get slow speed then it's something on your system,
if speed is normal, add your hub/router(btw, which one is it? in some posts you say hub, in other you say router? they are very different things so you need to be specific).
if after connecting it your speeds slow down then it's something to do with your hub/router. otherwise keep connecting additional devices untill you restore your previous config.
Ok, Its a Hub I guess since it says 5 port work group Hub on it. I only have 1 NIC ethernet plugin in the back of my PC. My Tv and my PC are very far away, thats one more reason for the Hub. Its late now, but tomorrow I will bring another TV down and plug it in close to my comp. I will try directly to my xbox to PC. The thing is, Ive tried Xbox to Hub to PC and its never connected.

I do apologize, this is just extremely frusterating.

Oh, another thing, does anyone think leaving an xbox on for 10 hours is a bad idea? I wouldnt think it would overheat, but yeah, you never know. Im gonna just leave my FTP transfering at 30k/s overnight tonight though.
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